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& Respiratory Protection
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COVID-19: PPE & Respiratory Protection Online Video Training is an invaluable step in keeping yourself and others safe from contracting this Novel Coronavirus.

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Respiratory Protection

COVID-19: PPE & Respiratory Protection Video covers these 'How To' Learning Objectives:

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COVID-19: PPE-Respiratory Protection

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Our 20-minute DVD video includes a Certificate of Completion template.

Our COVID-19 Policy Template is customizable allowing you to incorporate specifics related to your workplace.

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All 5 of our programs on one convient DVD

  • COVID-19: Maintaining Healthy Workplaces​
  • COVID-19: PPE -Respiratory Protection
  • COVID-19: Disinfecting the Workplace
  • COVID-19: Adjusting to Working-From-Home
  • COVID-19: Managing Stress through Resiliency

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Includes bonus COVID-19 Policy Template $99.99 value

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Online COVID-19 Workplace Training

HR Proactive’s COVID-19 online training modules will enable your employees to train anywhere/anytime and help meet your company’s compliance requirements. Our online training solution is easy-to-navigate, user-friendly and mobile-friendly. Your employees can view each video module from the comfort of their own home even before they return to the workplace.

COVID-19: PPE & Respiratory Protection
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Our 20-minute COVID-19: PPE & Respiratory Protection DVD video includes a Certificate of Completion template.

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