What Are Some Signs of Resiliency in Your Outlook?


Resiliency is a powerful coping mechanism during times of uncertainty.

Resilient people are focused on reality and are able to have realistic expectations during difficult situations. They are willing to try different ways of problem solving, and do not view unsuccessful attempts at solutions as failure, but rather as piloting an idea that can now be eliminated. Because they are focused on the big picture, they can work towards future goals.

Resilient people understand their own limitations and know when to ask for assistance.


You can boost your own levels of resiliency with a few simple adjustments.

Try and see yourself as others are seeing you during interactions. This is called self-awareness, and it is an excellent self-governing tool.

If you feel disquieting emotions coming over you during your interactions with others, be sure to ask for clarification. Most people are not intentionally trying to offend or upset you and are more than happy to rephrase their intended message.

Have a realistic viewpoint on your workplace situation, and when relating to others, ensure that you show appropriate empathy.

And if your first attempt at rectifying a challenge does not prove to be the solution, don’t be afraid to try Plan B.

Resilient people think of more than one way to resolve a situation, creating more choices to generate options/solutions.

Resiliency is a skill that gets stronger with practice.


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